Outlining “Adaptations to Feminism”

The following is an outline of how my project, “Adaptations of Feminism” will be laid out on my WordPress.


  • “Adaptations of Feminism”

Page 1 = Introduction:

  • Paragraph 1:
    • Define adaptations within literature and the scholarly discourse that surrounds it
      • Insert scholarly sources
  • Paragraph 2:
    • Elaborate on the choice of Jane Eyre, Wide Sargasso Sea, and All Hallows at Eyre Hall
      • Insert photos of novel covers
  • Paragraph 3:
    • Discuss feminist discourse surrounding Jane Eyre and adaptations
      • Insert scholarly sources
  • Paragraph 4:
    • Give historical context to feminist scholarship/movements and cultural importance
      • Insert secondary sources for context
  • Paragraph 5:
    • Research Question: How do adaptations stay true or stray from the narrative or stylistic structures of a key piece of literature in the English cannon? How can tracing these changes through adaptations help us to understand transformations of feminist thought?
    • Argument: Through this preliminary experiment on the usage of digital distant reading and analysis, we can begin to trace the shifts of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wave feminism across the adaptions of Jane Eyre. When tracing these shifts in literature by examining gendered verb usage, we examine the usefulness of digital scholarship in relation to literary studies, as it lends a new perspective on centuries of cultural change through the ability to distantly read.

Page 2 = Methodology:

  • Paragraph 1:
    • Describe my data set and reasoning for choosing pieces of literature by these particular groupings
      • Insert photos of novel covers for remaining 5 novels
      • Insert links to publicly available PDFs/TXT files
  • Paragraph 2:
    • Describe how I will distantly read these novels – utilizing she/he pronouns and respective verb usage to define for each work how women and men are positioned – and why I decided on this methodology
      • Insert secondary sources to explain this further and its validity
  • Paragraph 3:
    • Describe AntConc and Voyant/the particular tools I will be using on these sites
      • Insert screenshots of AntConc and Voyant

Page 3 = Findings:

  • Paragraph 1:
    • Describe findings for the 3 respective groupings of texts
      • Jane Eyre Group
        • Insert data visualizations from AntConc and Voyant
      • Feminist Novel Group
        • Insert data visualizations from AntConc and Voyant
      • Anti-Feminist Writing Group
        • Insert data visualizations from AntConc and Voyant
  • Paragraph 2:
    • Explain the series of smaller pages (how each offers the ability to look at each individual novel’s data visualizations and short 1 to 2 paragraph analysis)
      • Link smaller pages by text name

Page 4 = Analysis:

  • Paragraph 1:
    • Begin describing overall findings
      • How are women regarded as opposed to men?
        • In the 3 groupings?
        • By each novel?
  • Paragraph 2:
    • How does this speak to adaptation in Jane Eyre? Do prequels and sequels remain true to the original or deviate?
  • Paragraph 3:
    • How can we analyze Jane Eyre as tracking feminist thought changes?  

Page 5 = Conclusion:

  • Paragraph 1:
    • State that these findings to do represent a fully-fledged out analysis of feminist thought, history, or understanding of adaptation, but this experiment does provide a new way of looking at the intersection of these ideas.
    • Explain why understandings like this are important to the field
  • Paragraph 2:
    • Summarize findings and importance of these findings
    • Explain pitfalls or what I would change (potentially different novel choices?)
  • Paragraph 3:
    • Discuss how this project would/will continue
    • Invite others to participate in this examination

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